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Our Values 

Collective Participation

We believe in the powerful benefit of mutual learning, where all who are involved have a voice and a place to share and question. We view this as key to fostering creativity, innovation and continual betterment.

Uncompromising Quality

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Avocados are ripe with beneficial vitamins, minerals and nutrients and we are keen to preserve and maintain this rich nature-given goodness through the methods we use to extract the oil.

That is why we only produce cold-pressed oil.  

Soulful Workplace

Being a social business isn’t just about creating an enriching product and creating employment, it is also about heart and well-being- being a norm in and through the company.

Local Sustainable Sourcing & Local Sustainable Production

Our company is centered around local villages and the business we all make happen together invokes community pride and purpose. Where we can, we choose to purchase locally or try to create through local prototyping. We’re also dedicated to our production process being a waste-free model.

Mutually Beneficial 

We don’t believe in compromising on paying farmers generously, harming the environment, or delivering a nutrient-lacking but more profitable product. We believe in shifting away from the traditional trade-off business mindset to holistic mutually rewarding business practices that add to, not take away from, our bodies, our communities and our common home.

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